What is a whole network ad blocking appliance?

Post date: Oct 17, 2023 4:22:10 PM

Don't you just hate being bombarded with ads when you're browsing the internet? It slows down your web browsing, they pop up on top of the content you're trying to see, they're just annoying.

What if there was an inexpensive device you could put on your home network that could block the vast majority of ads, no matter what device you're using on that network, be it your computer, your cell phone, or your streaming box, and you didn't have to install any special software on any of your devices?   Well, there is.  We utilize a small inexpensive single board computer called a Raspberry Pi, and customizeable ad blocking software called PiHole.   The way it all works, when your device requests a web address, it has to lookup the IP address that corresponds to the name, using a service called DNS (Domain Name Service).  The appliance basically serves as a proxy DNS server, responding to all DNS requests from within your home network.  When a regular website is requested, it returns the address just like it would normally, but when an ad web site is requested, it returns a fake address, so that the ad content can't be found.   This speeds up your internet, because its not wasting time downloading the ads and displaying them.   We can setup and install a PiHole ad blocking appliance on your home or business network for a very affordable price, and free you from the majority of those annoying obtrusive ads.