New life for an old computer

Post date: Oct 2, 2012 5:10:52 PM

Many times people have old computer equipment that they're not happy with because its too slow. The reason you may see what seems like a slow computer is because software technology has advanced beyond the capabilities of the older hardware. We have a process that can give new life to that old outdated hardware.

Through our volunteer work at the Khadarlis Community Center in Providence, RI ( we're taking old donated computers, and installing a lightweight and fast modern Linux operating system. This gives an old machine a modern web browser, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, as well as a full office suite so children can come into the center and have access to a fast modern PC operating system to do their school work, and job seekers can get online to search and apply for jobs.

We can use these same techniques to give new life to your old computer equipment. Perhaps you want to revive that old PC into a machine for the kids, so you don't have to worry about them getting spyware or a virus on your computer. And because Linux is a free open source operating system, the cost to you is minimal.